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Brewing supplies can refer to anything used in the process of brewing. Common forms of this are the large pots and lids for the cooking process. It can refer to the multiplicity of hoses and nozzles that are used to transfer the batch from the various stages in the brewing process, from mash tun, to copper cooker, to hopback, to chiller, to fermenter, to the cask or keg. Depending on the level of brewing that you’re doing, this can be mixed. For example, it is common to chill the brew directly from the cooking process, and then do the hopback to remove excess substance and then add the remnants to the fermenter. To this end, nearly all materials that are not ingredients used in the production of your own home brew can be qualified as brewing supplies.

Typically items like cheese fabric for the wort and malt are used when making the brew in your own pot, to save on removal of the wort. Depending on the brew, different amounts and stages of ingredients will be measured out. Brewing beer is a chemistry reaction set. For that reason, anal retentivity when it comes to temperatures and times is an advantageous mindset and personality trait. The production process also need to be cleaned and sanitized after the initial boiling process because there will not be another time to cleanse the batch. Because you are feeding a yeast reaction after that point in the fermenter, the batch is biologically prone to bacteria and mold. It is imperative that you clean everything that comes into contact with your batch after this point to be sure that you do not compromise your work and end up with a faulty finished product due to improper handling of your brewing supplies.