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Hello and welcome to! here, we strive to provide you with up-to-date pertinent information on the development of home brewing techniques , brewing  kits, brewing supplies, and brewing equipment. The latest in greatest published knowledge on these subjects is what we strive to contain. If you see something missing, please email us and we’ll get the information on our pages post haste!

Before we launch into a simple understanding of what we cover, we’d like to tell you what we’re about. A simple trend has been dominating the modern digitized age of information. Since there is a wealth of knowledge a call, text, or click away from nearly everyone, media sources have been fighting to distinguish themselves as superior to their counterparts. One direction this has led is to increase the level of “commentary” on the new and information. In plain chat, they add their bias to the discourse will continue the façade that they are impartial. We find this to be an abhorrent abuse of the public’s time and energy. We don’t think you should have to struggle through information with an ardent watch for what is misleading and potentially blatantly erroneous. We feel that you should be able to browse our site and see what honest impartial, factual information looks like, and we invite you to see it right now.  Browse our site and let us know how you think we’re doing. Our subjects are brewing equipment, brewing supplies, and home brewing kits. Now back to the topic at hand.

The rise in popular home brewing can be traced to one man: Charles N Papazian. “Charlie” as he is called created the predecessor to the American Homebrewers Association in 1979. Since then, this nuclear engineer has been hard at work publishing books, and providing information on the customization and fun of at-home brewing. Although he endorses few forms of brewing equipment, he has published books with loads of recipes.

Brewing supplies and brewing equipment usually take the form of measurement devices and cooking instruments and their appropriate housing. That is because brewing beer is little more than an elaborate chemistry or alchemy lab. If you simplify the direction they read like a chem. Lab. Add X into pot, stir at Y temperature for Z minutes. Filter and add other ingredients. The section on brewing equipment on the left goes into more detail about just what the brewing process is made of, and has an easy-to-read explanation of some of the ancient, but still used, jargon.

The other topics we cover are the growth and development of home brewing supplies and home brewing kits. Because of Charlie’s entrepreneurial work, the rest of America can capitalize on the wealth of information, sources, and recipes that have sprung up as a result of its popularity. The links on the left about home brewing kits and home brewing supplies will be sure to let you know about the necessary items you need before you buy a kit, and what you can expect to find in the kits themselves. Again, an emphasis has been placed on easy to read information that can be quickly disseminated.

So please, browse our site. See for yourself the wealth of information we’ve brought to bear on brewing equipment, brewing supplies, and home brewing kits. It will be worth your time, if not to simply understand what your shopping list for common brewing equipment is. Above all, enjoy your time with us at If you are looking into making your own wine, check out